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Who is Queen Bee? Jennifer Okorie Biography, Age, Net Worth, GUS

by Naija News 247

Jennifer Goodness Okorie is popularly known as Queen Bee. Learn about Jennifer Okorie Biography, Age, Net Worth, State, Wiki, Parents on Naija News 247.

Jennifer Goodness Okorie has been popular since she entered the Gulder Ultimate Search 2021.

Jennifer Okorie (Queen Bee) NaijaNews247 Profile

Full Name:Jennifer Goodness Okorie
Stage Name:Queen Bee
Born:(age 22 years old)
Place of Birth:Abia State
State Of Origin:Abia State
Hobbies:Singing, Dancing and Sports.
Marital Status:N/A
Net Worth:N/A

Jennifer Okorie (Queen Bee) Biography

Jennifer Okorie is popularly known as Queen Bee, is an athlete, philosophy student of Delta State University and Gulder Ultimate Search contestant.

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In profile information for Jennifer on Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 website, it states that she studies philosophy at the university and operates a small clothing company.

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Her hobbies include listening to music of different genres, swimming for relaxation, and she aspires to be a broadcaster after graduation.

Jennifer Okorie (Queen Bee) Age

She is 22 years old.

We are not sure of the exact month and day she was born, however, her age is stated to be 22 on the Gulder Ultimate Search website, so she was definitely born in 1999.

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Jennifer Okorie (Queen Bee) State of Origin

She hails from Abia- Nigeria.

Jennifer Okorie (Queen Bee) Net Worth

Jennifer Goodness Okorie, Queen Bee Gulder Ultimate Search reality TV show net worth, net income has not been estimated yet.


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