Things you need to know about Ogwashi Ukwu Festival

Ogwashi Ukwu, often spelled Ogwashi Uku, is a Nigerian Igbo town in Delta State. It is located west of Asaba, the state capital, and serves as the administrative center for the Aniocha South local government area.

Ogwashi- Ukwu has a population of around 50, 234. Its population has skyrocketed. It is located in the Igbo- speaking Anioma region of Delta State, and its natives are Enuani.

Ogwashi- Ukwu is made up of nine villages. Ikelike (the first settlers), Umu Dei, Azungwu, Agidiase, Agidiehe, Ogbe Akwu, Ishekpe, Ogbe Onicha, and Ogbe Ani are among them.

While the true traditional right of leadership is retained by the ” Okpala” of Ikelike, the Ogwashi- Ukwu kingdom (Eze/Obi) is found in one of the communities that trace their origins to Nri. Before the Odaigbo group arrived from Nri, the elders of Ikelike, the land’ s earliest residents, claimed they were using the Okpala system of leadership.

Things you need to know about Ogwashi Ukwu Festival - Naija News 247

This is conclusive evidence that the Ikelikes were Igbo. Any attempt to fake the Ikelike people’ s origins will be considered as a deliberate attempt to rewrite history, and the elders and scholars of the Igbo community will not accept it.

The Ikelike people from the Bini kingdom were the first to settle in Ogwashi- Uku, according to a chronological history of early settlements in the area (see Ben Nwabua, Ogwash- uku Kingdom, 1000 Years of Traditional Democracy and Cultural Life, 950- 1914).

Things you need to know about Ogwashi Ukwu Festival - Naija News 247

The carnival’ s goal is to promote global brotherhood via indigenous culture and dance while also strengthening the Ogwashi- Uku Kingdom’ s history and social togetherness.

The carnival also serves to highlight the people’ s existence while also empowering youths in the area of economic freedom through the creation of social avenues such as active participation in cultural activities, entertainment, and even assisting in the export of Nigerian culture to other countries.

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