Super League: UEFA has its strategy to derail the project, two clubs targeted to crack!

Launched in a standoff with the Super League, UEFA seems determined to do everything to ensure that the project fails.

Since Sunday evening, an open war has been declared between UEFA and the Super League. The European body obviously welcomed with anger the project of the twelve founding clubs, and the statements of Alexander Ceferin yesterday and Florentino Perez in the night clearly show the tension which reigns between all the parts.

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Manchester City and Atlético in the sights

UEFA intends to do everything possible to ensure that the Super League project evaporates with a simple strategy: divide and conquer. “The strategy will be to convince some, among the less convinced, to drop the case and come back into the fold with the promise of not being sanctioned. If you manage to get out two or three, it’s the end of a project that was launched all the same in a rather haphazard way, ”confides a source familiar with the matter to the Team.

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And in this division strategy, two clubs would have the perfect profile according to the daily which announces that on the side of UEFA, we are targeting Atlético Madrid and Manchester City as the two clubs which would be likely to crack quickly…

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