Quique Setién: “It didn’t take me five minutes to accept”

Despite Bartomeu saying he had been talking to coaches for months, Setién said it was on Monday when he received the Barça call.

After directing his first training session at Barça , Quique Setién was presented at the Camp Nou Auditorium 1899.

He has signed a contract that ties him with the entity until June 30, 2022, with a clause that provides that in the elections scheduled for 2021, the new president will be able to make a change on the bench. It was a conference led by the president, Josep Maria Bartomeu , and the technical secretary, Eric Abidal , who had to explain the change on the bench and the management of the departure of Ernesto Valverde.

Why are you now dismissing Valverde?

Bartomeu explained why this decision was now made, following some notes on a card, a little nervous: “We knew for a long time that the dynamics of the team could be improved, although the results were very good (…) but you all also knew that this dynamic was better; in fact, the managers read it and we heard it on radios and social gatherings . “The president said that the team needed a “new impetus” to face the second leg of the season. He also tried to make self-criticism: “We would have liked to have done better. ” However, he did not detail what they would have liked to do differently when asked, and he did not move from the learned speech. When asked about the name of Xavi Hernández, Bartomeu passed the hot potato to Abidal, and avoided mentioning the captain’s name: “No name has come out in the media except one.” Abidal defended Setién’s project by finally deciding on him.

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Setién’s philosophy, in his own words

Yesterday I was riding with cows in my village and today I am in the Sports City of Barça coaching the best players in the world, in a huge team that I will never be able to improve, because this is the maximum.

One thing I can guarantee is that my team will play well. I always say the same thing. In this case, it must be said that it is difficult to improve if you play the first 70 minutes of the Super Cup. It didn’t take me five minutes to accept. I would never have imagined that Barça decided for me. I have no titles, but I have shown that I love this game philosophy. I got Betis, Las Palmas and Lugo to offer a very good game; this is my resume.

The predisposition of players now is sure to be higher, of those who played and those who did not. The philosophy is clear, but we put everything in quotes, waiting for us to see things ourselves

The goal is to win everything that can be won. This club has no other way but to overcome each year, to win titles and also to play well. It is very important to associate that in order to win you must also do well

Finally, he gave a few words to the outgoing coach, Ernesto Valverde .

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