Photos and Videos of Obi Cubana crowned Ambassador Of Nigerian Youths

The investiture of Cubana took place at a dinner night on Sunday in Abuja’s ‘Hustle & Bustle,’ one of Africa’s finest and leading bars/clubs.

In his welcome speech, Mr Mfon Patrick, the event’s Convener, praised Obi Cubana, saying, “We are ecstatic that you have established yourself as an excellent ROLE MODEL for our generation in the corporate world. Your resourceful business acumen and skills to grow our economy and develop lives across the board, regardless of tribe, have demonstrated to the entire nation and beyond that, you are the AMBASSADOR FOR NIGERIAN YOUTHS.”

The event, which lasted more than seven hours, was filled with joy and pomp. Despite the short notice, friends rallied around the Chairman of Cubana Groups to show their support.

The OkpataOzueora 1 of Oba, who was seen visibly overwhelmed with joy and emotions of a thankful heart at the event heralding the welcome party of Nigeria’s most popular celebrity, was visibly overwhelmed with joy and emotions of a thankful heart.

“It’s a great day,” said Sir George Agugua (KSC), Founder/President of Stella George Foundation, as he presented the award to Cubana.

He congratulated the Awardee on his well-deserved honour and thanked him for living an exemplary life.

When contacted by phone to find out what informed his group’s award, the Convener, an Akwa Ibom-born politician and entrepreneur known as MP, said, “Obi Cubana has expanded his horizons beyond his immediate family. He has evolved into a public asset, a national treasure who inspires all young people to work hard. Cubana is regarded as a celebrity. NO! Cubana isn’t your average celebrity in town; she’s a business titan whose accomplishments will outlast our generation. He is a leading entrepreneur who has dedicated his time and energy to improving the lives of others; thus, the best way to recognise his achievements is to bestow upon him the title of AMBASSADOR OF NIGERIAN YOUTHS“.

Furthermore, Patrick stated, “Business owners in civilised societies have chosen to give back to society through various foundations, and our awardee, Obi Cubana, is no exception. In the face of few benefactors, he has become the foundation of liberation for a sea of Nigerian entrepreneurs.”

“Abuja Pilots may have recognised the value he has added to their businesses by opening Africa’s best club, Hustle & Bustle, as well as his hospitality chains that keep them generating revenue in their transportation business. They had to come back to Abuja to welcome their Chairman back, adding that to run a successful Uber/Bolt business, one needs places of this nature (a hospitality outlet) to surge over a cash flow traffic.” Patrick stated his opinion.

Patrick explained how the journey to the award presentation began, saying, “I told them, “Hey guys, Abuja is a business boardroom.” Allow me to take you to a private meeting with your street business chairman. On Sunday, a meeting was held to thank the OkpataOzueora 1 Of Oba, obi Cubana, for their efforts. And we’d like to express our gratitude. Thank you for your humanitarian heart “.

Obi Cubana Crowned Ambassador Of Nigerian Youths Photos

Obi Cubana Crowned Ambassador Of Nigerian Youths Videos




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