OL – Juventus: the notes of the match

A feat from Olympique Lyonnais! Thanks to a goal by Lucas Tousart and a collective spirit, the Gones beat Juventus (1-0).

After Paris Saint-Germain, place the second French representative qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Opposed to Juventus by Cristiano Ronaldo, Olympique Lyonnais appeared in a 3-4-3 in which winter rookie Bruno Guimarães celebrated his second tenure, but his first at Groupama Stadium and in the European Cup. From the start of the game, the Turinese set foot on leather, running the Gones without however imposing a frenzied pace.

Without doubt a regret for Rudi Garcia, the Rhone coach had indeed demanded a big collective effort from his players to shake up Juve. It was not enough for an Old Lady not transcendent either, but who approached the goal of Anthony Lopes through Cristiano Ronaldo (4th) and on set kicks.

After a start of the game timidly offensively speaking and stalling on the rhythm imposed by the Bianconeri, OL finally decided to play from the front thanks to finally efficient pressing and triangle games leading to centers for the duo Dembélé-Toko Ekambi.

More liberated, the Gones, led by a hard-hitting Houssem Aouar, then finally began to send a large number of ammunition to the cages of Szczęsny. Karl Toko Ekambi also made the Pole tremble by finding the crossbar of the head on a corner of Aouar (21st). Heckled, Juventus found itself trapped in the Lyon net. perfectly positioned on the ground, Moussa Dembélé’s partners cut short almost all of the recovery attempts thanks to a provided challenge and the important defensive contribution of the Cornet-Dubois dungeon on the sides.

The collective spirit of Olympique Lyonnais

A highlight that was finally rewarded with a paid overflow from Aouar on the side for the opening of the score signed Lucas Tousart (1-0, 31st). A scenario that few observers had predicted. Opposite, the Bianconeri no longer existed and were reduced to looking for Ronaldo on long balloons. What confirm the poverty of the game proposed by the band of Maurizio Sarri lately, especially outside. The addition could also have been more full-bodied for the Turinese if Dembélé (34th) and Toko Ekambi (41st, 43rd) had been more skillful. Without forgetting Cuadrado’s hand in its surface which could have been whistled (37th). But after 45 minutes, OL could be proud of the work accomplished. On returning from the locker room, the Italians logically regained control of the ball, forced to react. Well grouped,

After a first period full of efforts and a start to the second spent chasing after leather, one could logically wonder when OL was going to crack. But in the end, the Rhodaniens did not break up. However, the waves of attacks have not stopped.

Physically worn, Rudi Garcia’s men suffered enormously, spending most of their time in front of their surface. Dybala (67th, 87th), Higuain (83, 85th), and Ronaldo (84th) also gave big cold sweats at the very end of the match. But tonight, the many technical waste of the Old Lady tipped the scales on the side of Lyonnais. Huge feat of Gones who had never beaten the Bianconeri. The latter will therefore have to win at least 2-0 if they do not want to experience another disillusionment in the Champions League.

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Relive the film of the match here

Man of the match: Aouar (7): freed from defensive spots in the 3-4-3, the midfielder had to counter the attack. Once again expected at the turn when OL are playing money time for its season, the number 8 Rhone has taken a few minutes to start. And then he was finally able to let go of the horses. Untenable on his left side, he has multiplied the technical gestures of high flight: small bridge, driving from the outside of the left foot. Decisive passer for Tousart after almost being for Toko Ekambi (21st), he, like many of his partners, experienced a big blow in the second period.

Olympique Lyonnais:

– Lopes (5): he was told of a difficult evening. In the end, apart from an alert on a center-shot stung by Cristiano Ronaldo from the 4th minute and a tap on a center, still CR7 (24th), the Rhone goalkeeper was not worried more than that in the first period. However, the end of the match gave him some cold sweats on signed attempts Dybala (67th, 87th), Ronaldo (84th) and Higuain (83rd).

– Denayer (5): if the Lyon defensive block was united and held this evening, the Belgian caused a lot of fright to his teammates. The reason ? Too loose marking on Ronaldo. By refusing to hug the Portuguese, the former Citizen allowed the Bianconero to approach Lopes’ goal too easily. Fortunately for him, CR7 was not inspired this evening and the stroller of the Red Devil in the 84th on the Lusitanian

– Marcelo (5.5): in the 28th minute, we thought he had lost his nerves again after a yellow card received for a stir on Dybala. In the end, the Brazilian did not falter. In a match where OL did not want to leave space for the offensive offensive stars, he was able to respond to the duels. He often did not bother in the recovery, but tonight, this is not what we will remember.

– Marçal (6): repositioned in the role of third central defender, the compatriot of Marcelo did not always display a serenity to any test, but he did not let anything go. Able to beat Ronaldo in a duel of the head, the former Benfica has always been there to put a foot or his body to counter Turin’s attempts.

– Dubois (6): positioned a notch higher, the side’s mission was to help the three central in the defensive grid. A mission that he perfectly fulfilled. His direct opponent, Adrien Rabiot, was thus completely invisible and even Ronaldo was embarrassed. Back from injury, he gave up his place to Tete because of cramps (77th) .

– Guimarães (7): for his first match in the Champions League, the Brazilian was aligned alongside Lucas Tousart. A rather low positioning which allowed him not to face a constant pressing of Juventus. This does not detract from the quality of his match. He never panicked. Clean in his passes, often turned forwards, the Brazilian lost few balls. He was also one of the most raced players on the field. In short, a lightning-fast adaptation and an ability to move forward that suggests beautiful things. Note however a very limited contact on Dybala at the 89th minute in its area.

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– Tousart (6.5): the Hertha Berlin player struck again. Scorer against Barça last year in the eighth, the midfielder did it again tonight. A great reward for the ex-Valenciennes who fought like a dog with Guimarães to cover a lot of ground. An endless activity that disgusted the Turinese.

– Aouar (7): see above.

– Cornet (6.5): like Dubois, his main objective was to lend a hand to his defense. And that’s what he did. After having picked up physically in front of Danilo, he was not idle to try breakthroughs. On the other hand, he multiplied the faults in the second period, forced to defend relentlessly when Juve cornered the Gones. Replaced by Andersen (81st) .

– Toko Ekambi (6): he did not score, but what an activity for the former resident of Villarreal! When OL had their highlight in the first period, the Cameroonian multiplied the races ahead. Often found on the side, it was able to deliver some interesting centers. He will regret his three scoring chances before the break (41st, 43rd), including a header which ended on the crossbar (21st). Tired, he quickly disappeared from traffic after returning from the locker room Replaced by Terrier (66th) .

– Dembélé (5.5): mute in front of the goal, he also had almost no opportunity, the Rhone striker was not stingy with efforts so far. Precious in his game of body and ball protection, he tried to exist as he could face ax transalpine defenders.


– Szczęsny (5.5): the former Arsenal goalkeeper caught his first ball quickly on a blocked shot by Dembélé (7th). If he can do nothing on the goal of Tousart (31st), he then pushed a center of Toko Ekambi with both fists (37th) before quietly stopping the distant shot not dangerous Guimarães (45th + 2) . In the second act, he only had to control a balloon in the air (50th). A strange match for the Pole.

– Danilo (3.5): the 28-year-old defender experienced a nightmarish first period. Exceeded on his right side, he did not succeed in stopping a Maxwel Cornet for big evenings. Offensively, he didn’t weigh as much as Alex Sandro on the other side. If he slightly corrected the shot in the second half, it remains a match to forget for the Brazilian international.

– Bonucci (4,5): the Italian international has made a few interventions, either from the head (20th) or the feet (42nd, 65th). But the captain of the Vecchia Signora was generally jostled by Dembélé. In the revival, he rushed a little too much but at least had the merit of bringing speed into the game of Turin.

– de Ligt (5): the former Ajax central defender did not reassure in all his interventions at the start of the match. If he barely intervened with his head in front of Dembélé (23rd), the involuntary sole of his teammate Alex Sandro put his head in blood and kept him away from the field when the score opened for Tousart ( 31e). Its presence on the green rectangle allowed Juve to contain the opposing offensives (60th, 65th).

– Alex Sandro (4): the Brazilian left back experienced a complicated defensive game in Lyon. If he has scratched a few balloons, the danger has too often come from his left side. The former Porto player is at fault on the Lyonnais goal, since he was beaten in a duel by Tousart (31st). Offensively, however, he tried to bring in excess and create danger with his many centers.

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– Betancur (3.5): the Uruguayan international was not radiant at Groupama Stadium. Defensively, he was beaten on this head on the bar by Toko Ekambi on a corner (21st). But he was especially caught by Aouar on the first goal of the Gones (31st). He failed to weigh offensively.

– Pjanić (5): the former OL player was, as usual, the first spearhead of his team. All the balloons passed by his feet but the Bosnian did not manage to find the fault in his transmissions so far. Note his decisive intervention (41st) in the area, he who recovered some high balloons relieving the Turin block. Replaced by Ramsey (62 ‘) , who quickly weighed on the Lyonnais players and did good in the midfield of Juve. Very good entry from the old Gunner.

– Rabiot (4,5): preferred to Matuidi, the former PSG midfielder had very little technical waste in his passes and steered the game well when he had the leather in his feet. We felt a desire to move forward in his behavior on the lawn and he did not hesitate to do his defensive work. Replaced by Bernardeschi (78th) , who narrowly missed in his few disputed minutes but still brought freshness.

– Cuadrado (3): the Colombian international struggled with the defensive tasks demanded by the Lyon opposition. In his catches, the former Fiorentina tried to bring a little madness to destabilize the defense of OL. In vain. Replaced by Gonzalo Higuain (70th) , who failed to straighten his head (83rd) before missing the frame closely in the box (85th).

– Dybala (5.5): Joya had an interesting match in their pressing, which hampered the central axis of OL, Marcelo in particular, but especially in his travels. Back to goal, his small size did not really handicap him. Little helped by the lack of offensive creativity of his partners in the first period, the Argentinian did not have much to get his teeth into in this first round against OL. He stalled a lot when his partners had possession but neither this recovery fleeing the framework of Lopes (69th) nor this shot in the spans of Groupama Stadium (80th) found the way to the nets.

– Ronaldo (5): the fivefold Ballon d’Or has recalled that it is one of the best players in the world. Whenever he had the leather between his crampons, something happened at Groupama Stadium. Either the OL defense was pushed to the fault, or Anthony Lopes trembled. As on this center shooting from the start of the match (5th) or on this ball narrowly taken over by Cornet on his line in front of Betancur (24th). His coiled strike was not worked enough to deceive the vigilance of his compatriot (35th). He often transplanted in the axis and stalled to participate in the game to destabilize the Lyonnais but he will not have succeeded in making the difference this time.

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