Luis Suarez will be on leave for four months

Barca have stated in a statement that recovery will be slower than originally thought.

Luis Suarez will be on leave for four months - Naija News 247

Luis Suarez suffered a meniscus injury this Sunday and will be out for about four months. Suarez, who had played infiltrated the Super Cup semi-finals against Atletico Madrid, would not return to the pitch until May and would miss much of the decisive stretch of the course.

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In fact, he says goodbye to the season, considering that the Cup final is on April 18 and the last day of the league on the weekend of May 24 . Nor would it come in time for a hypothetical Champions League semi-final .

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He was originally estimated to have recovered in six to eight weeks, but the injury is more severe than expected. Extending the recovery time will cause the Uruguayan striker to miss the matches of his selection in March against Chile and Ecuador, which qualify for the World Cup.

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Suarez will be a notable drop for Barca as the striker had scored 14 goals in 23 games and is also the top assistant in the Spanish league.

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